Thursday, 6 June 2013

A Nigerian; Alexander Amosu Creates World’s Most Expensive Champagne worth 250 Million.

A luxury goods maker, with strong ties to Nigeria, has produced what they are calling the most expensive champagne in the world. Selling for 250m Naira (1.2 million GBP) the champagne was created by British Nigerian entrepreneur and designer Alexander Amosu.
Amosu has started several successful businesses including the eponymous Alexander Amosu which sells personalised luxury items, such as diamond encrusted cellphones and iPads. The brand was introduced when Alexander created what was at the time the world's most expensive suit (it retailed for GBP 70 000). The suit was made of exclusive fabrics and featured diamond and gold buttons.
His newest venture, the luxury champagne brand Goût de Diamants, will see the entrepreneur launch his high-end limited edition Taste of Diamonds champagne. The champagne comes with a signature badge on the bottle (it resembles the superman logo), the badge is made up of 18ct solid white gold with a 19tc white diamond in the centre. The bottle was made for a one-off client. The rest of the range features Swarovski crystals on each bottle rather than a diamond.
The range of champagnes available from Goût de Diamants includes a Brut, a Vintage label, Rose and Blanc de Blancs. According to the company's website the range is currently only available for select clients.
It is fitting that the brain behind the champagne is of Nigerian descent, as last month it was widely reported that Nigeria is the second largest champagne consumer in the world, reportedly spending eight billion Naira (GBP 31 million) on champagne last year. Nigeria's wealthy elite, many of whom have made their money in oil or entertainment, are not ashamed to spend their riches conspicuously in a nation where a large majority are still grappling with poverty.

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